One Month and Counting

So one of my roommates just knocked on my room door to remind me that today is exactly one month since I came to Delaware. This fact being of particular importance to me because I mentioned to all of my housemates during our first week here that I had never actually spent longer than two consecutive weeks outside of the state of Georgia. That seems almost impossible in our generation of internships. study abroad programs, and backpacking trips across Europe. Nevertheless, it’s true, and I don’t think I could have picked a better location for my first long-term stay away from home.

Things I have learned over the course of the past month:

  • Delaware doesn’t have a sales tax. So when you buy yourself a new planner for five dollars, you only have to pay five dollars. No change.
  • People who live on North Van Buren Street provide excellent soap-opera style entertainment after dark.
  • Having a college degree does not guarantee you the ability to tutor math at a 4th grade level.
  • If Chris Posch asks you if you want to go on a “Mystery Ride,” you should say yes. It will probably end with ice cream.
  • The 9am mass at St. Joseph’s will end at 10:45. The 9am mass at St. Paul’s will end at 9:55.
  • When you say “y’all” people look at you like you’re really cute and foreign.
  • Sam Racette’s mom makes the world’s greatest cookies.
  • Amish are really good at making donuts. Really good donuts.
  • Chocolate covered bacon. Just that.
  • Actually just food in general. If you live across the street from a church highly populated by Mexican women, you will never go hungry. Ever.
  • Teaching English to immigrants who are eager to learn is perhaps one of life’s most rewarding experiences.
  • Just because your class is a class of adults doesn’t mean they won’t still make dirty jokes. It just means you will laugh with them when they do instead of pretending that it isn’t funny.
  • Female prison inmates have a great sense of humor.
  • Living with people you admire is a blessing not to be taken advantage of.

There is so much more. But it’s late, and I would like to give real storytelling the benefit of a more well-rested mind. Suffice it to say, I am falling in love with this city.

Happy one month anniversary, Wilmington, Delaware.

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